How to Make Skin Whitening Cream at Home?

How to make skin whitening cream at home? It’s becoming more popular in recent years, but a lot of people still haven’t tried it or know how to go about making one. There are many ingredients that are used in a skin-whitening cream that you can find online and most of them are very inexpensive, such as lemon juice, baking soda, and glycerin. It’s important that these ingredients are not replaced by other cheaper products because they can do more harm than good.

For example, there is a product called Whitening Power Formula by Revitol that has both hydrogen peroxide and baking soda in it. What’s interesting about this one is that it has a double dose of the ingredient. That means that you should only use half the amount listed on the bottle. The instructions say to mix up three quarters of a cup of lemon juice with one fourth of a cup of baking soda and then apply that mixture to your face.

So, how do you make a skin whitening cream? Well, first you need to get a glass bowl, which is as simple as getting a spray bottle. Take your lemon juice and put it into the bottle. Next, mix up all of the ingredients. Once everything has been mixed up, put it into your glass bowl. It should look something like this:

After the mixture has been mixed up, take a small glass bowl and heat it up to boiling. Add the baking soda and let it sit for five minutes. After the five minutes are up, take your lemon juice and pour it into the small glass bowl. Now, apply it to your face. Do not go over the recommended dosage, as the cream will burn your skin if it’s too much.

If you were wondering how to make skin whitening cream at home? Here’s another question: How did you get your skin to lighten in the first place? Did you use those expensive creams that you saw on television? Or, are you using those homemade recipes you find online?

Both of these options will give you skin whitening results, but not as quickly as if you used fresh lemon juice. The reason that lemon juice works faster is because it contains high levels of citric acid, which is a natural skin lightener. Rosewater skin whitening, on the other hand, produces results more gradually because it uses common kitchen ingredients that have a much lower level of citric acid. In either case, if you want whiter, younger looking skin, using these home remedies should be a good place to start.

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